Wedding jewellery tips

Wedding jewellery tips

There are many ways to show you and your partner are joining as one during your wedding.

One of the simplest and sweetest ways is to use accessories that complement each other.

For her, this could mean some of our handcrafted Heathergems earrings, silver brooches or a beautiful pendant.

The selection of Heathergems jewellery allows you to mix and match the pieces that are right for you. Made from heather stems, the jewels are a unique way to celebrate Scotland’s beautiful landscape.

And for him? There are these beautiful cufflinks. Simply request the colour you want when ordering to ensure accessories match. 

You can even request colours to match the colour scheme of your wedding venue.

If you want to complete your wedding outfit, check out the range from our sister company, The Sgian Dubh Company.

The range of sgian dubhs and kilt pins will add the finishing touches to your special day.

For example, this natural heather sgian dubh will complement Heathergems jewellery beautifully.

Enjoy your big day with us.

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