Due to postal strikes, there may be some delays in despatching orders. This will also have an impact on delivery times. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

USA Customers Payment Issues

We have updated the Heathergems FAQ to highlight this payment issue which affects a very small number of customers from the USA. Q. I am in the USA and having trouble placing an order with my payment card. I keep getting a 'Declined' or 'Not Authorized' message even though I know there are funds to pay. I don't have problems with this card on a day to day basis, can you help me please? A. We know from experience that some American customers payment cards are not authorized for overseas payments outside the USA. We suggest customers contact their bank or card provider and explain they wish to purchase an item from outside the United States, Heathergems is in Scotland, UK. The card provider then lifts the block and you are able to process the order on your card. We hope this helps. Thank you.
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