Statement wedding jewellery

Statement wedding jewellery

With wedding season in full swing, and many weddings taking place after a year of postponements, it can be difficult to make your big day stand out.

One way to do this is by coming up with a theme that ties the service and reception together, another is by coming up with original weddings favours. Another is by wearing statement jewellery that can create a link between the bride and groom.

Heathergems earrings, for example, would be a wonderful finishing touch to your wedding dress. Each set is handmade, so no two sets are the same - a truly unique piece of jewellery to wear on your wedding day.

While Heathergems pieces are all different in terms of colour, you can request certain colours when ordering. That means you could ensure your earrings and the groom’s cufflinks match - creating a subtle link between the couple.

If you want to ensure your wedding is as sustainable as possible, then Heathergems jewellery will certainly fit that theme.

We hand harvest heather when it no longer gives nutrients to wildlife. Harvesting the heather at this point also encourages new growth, helping to support the flora and fauna of Scotland.

If we didn’t harvest the heather, it would simply block sunlight from other plants, while contributing nothing to wildlife.

The heather we harvest is stripped of the bark, dyed and compressed before being cut by hand. It is an intensive process that speaks to the dedication and skill of our artists.

It has been a difficult time for everyone, which is why a celebration like a wedding is needed to reconnect with family and friends you may not have been able to see for over a year.

At Heathergems, we would be proud to play a small role in your big day, by supplying some statement jewellery.

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