Spring Jewellery Trends with Heathergems

Spring Jewellery Trends with Heathergems

Spring is a time of rebirth and new beginnings. And with lockdown beginning to ease, that has never been truer than in 2021.

You can celebrate the new season, and the start of things getting back to normal, with handmade jewellery from Heathergems. Spring 2021 will see lots of new trends in jewellery, and you can be on the cutting edge with Heathergems collections.


As travel becomes an option once more, people are beginning to dig out their beachwear. One of the big jewellery trends of 2021 will be beaded jewellery, which add a touch of glamour to your beach look.

Using beads made from natural heather, our beaded jewellery collection as a dramatic, iridescent look. Bracelets and pendants can complete your beach look.

Celebrating Nature

Jewellery that celebrates the natural world is sure to be a big trend in 2021. Our range of heather brooches come in a range of shapes, including rainbows, the iconic highland cow, stags and robins.

These will all help you celebrate nature.

Celebrating New Life

Spring is always about new life, and you can celebrate this with your jewellery.

The Tree of Life collection is the ideal way to celebrate this new life. The tree of life symbolises a fresh start, positive energy, good health and a bright future.

After the difficult last few months, 2021 will be all about looking forward. Handmade Tree of Life jewellery will be the ideal way to do this.


Natural, sustainable materials will become an even bigger part of your wardrobe. And this can extend to jewellery.

At Heathergems, we use natural heather, which is dried and shaped. The heather is harvested by hand. Harvesting the heather also helps to regenerate the landscape and encourage new growth. 

Spring 2021 seems to be when things are getting back to normal, after an incredibly difficult year for everyone. At Heathergems, we hope our jewellery can brighten things up for you, even a little bit.

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