‘Perthshire Amber’ The Dougie Maclean Festival

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On  now until the 6th of November Perthshire Amber is a annual arts festival with concerts, open mic, workshops, talks and music sessions. 

For dates and venues go to:  http://www.perthshireamber.com/

With a vast and varried list of performers playing in many intimate and unusual venues across Perthshire throughout the week why not grab your chance to see an unforgetable performance.

Happy Halloween from Heathergems Scotland

New Pocket Watch Stand

This is new from The Sgain Dubh Company. Its a display stand for Pocket Watches. Useful for Pocket Watch Collectors and good for turning a Pocket Watch into a clock. Click on the image to link…..
Display Stand for Pocket Watches

Whisky Galore at Pitlochry Festival Theatre Opens Tonight 26th October!

Whisky Galore – A Musical!


 1943: the curse of rationing has visited the remote Hebridean islands of Little Todday and Great Todday and the thirsty islanders have all but run out of uisge beatha – the water of life.

 And it’s not just the whisky drought causing problems, either. Good Catholic girl Peggy Macroon has fallen for one of the soldiers stationed on the islands, Sergeant Odd, who’s not just English, but Protestant to boot! Catriona MacLeod is having trouble prising meek schoolmaster George Campbell away from his Wee Free dragon of a mother. And the dragon herself seems too much in sympathy with the army authorities for some people’s liking . .

 When the S.S. Cabinet Minister runs aground with fifty thousand cases of whisky aboard, the islanders rush to take advantage of the unexpected bounty. But then the officious Captain Waggett, the English commander of the Home Guard, learns of the illicit salvage operation – and is ordered to confiscate the liquor!

 As a 60th Anniversary treat, we’ve chosen to revive the most popular show in PFT’s history as our first ever Autumn repertory production. With a score that conjures up both the 1940s and the unmistakable sounds of the Western Isles, performed by a highly talented cast of actor-musicians, this critically acclaimed and universally loved 2009 production went on to become the best selling show in our 60 year history!

 Back by popular demand,  Whisky Galore – A Musical! promises to be the perfect Autumn treat. Book now to secure your seat!

 Tickets range from £26.00 – £32.50 (concessions available)

Collecting heather proving to be difficult…

We need good long heather as it is the stems we use. We have to climb several hundred feet in our landrover and with the recent bad weather the track is proving difficult to climb as it has become really slippy.

We need to ensure that we have a good supply of heather collected for over the winter months when it may prove too diificult to collect any heather.

Heathergems Silver Pendant Collection

Sterling Silver PendantHere is a link the the Heathergems Sterling Silver Pendant Collection. Each pendant is marked 925 Silver and features real natural Scottish Heather.

Heathergems on TV

Heathergems is on The Science Channel right about………………NOW

Celtic Jewelry from Heathergems Scotland

This is the unique Celtic Jewelry Collection from Heathergems Scotland. Each piece contains a unique Heathergem, made from real Scottish Heather right here in Scotland.
Great Celtic Gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas.

Heather Gems on How It’s Made Daytime Thursday 13th Oct

The Heathergems edition of How Its Made is back on again tomorrow, Thursday, this time during the day for a change.

Oct 13, 12:00 pm
(30 minutes)
How It’s Made
Heather Gems, Instant Film, Beet Sugar, Electric Roadsters

Let us know if you have a chance to watch.

Massive Scotland Football Match Tonight

Huge football (soccer) match for Scotland tonight to decide the Euro qualifiers. We only have to beat World and European Champions Spain. Piece of cake…..erm…..er…..cough.
Join the Tartan Army and Amy MacDonald in a rousing chorus of Flower of Scotland!