Heathergems Colours

We are often asked about producing specific colours of Heathergems. Interestingly blue and purple have been traditionally the hardest colours to reproduce consistently due to the natural dye used in making Heathergems. When attempting blue it often comes out very dark (almost black) which is to do with a number of factors such as the age of the heather used, how dry it is, etc.

We do make blue pieces but these are mainly used in larger jewellery items like brooches or pendants and not in very small items like stud earrings for example. Heathergems Brooch Gift

So we do have blue, mainly blue and purple pieces as can be seen from this nice Brooch.

We always recommend using the Special Instructions box at order checkout and adding something like ‘can this item be mainly blue please.’ If we are unable to match this we will contact you and advise.